Research & Innovation

Improving outcomes for children is at the heart of everything that we do. Medical research is the key driver of health improvements for children; it brings about changes in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, and ultimately develops new cures.

Find out more about the key infrastructures offered by the NCRC to enable paediatric research – our state of the art laboratories, our biosample storage facilities, our Children’s Clinical Research Unit, and our funding schemes.

As part of our strategy to build strength and depth in expertise, the NCRC has prioritised a number key areas of child health: Immunity and Infection; Childhood Cancer; Cardiology and Vascular Biology; and Orthopaedics. We have already had significant international impact within these areas,  for example in childhood diseases such as eczema, cystic fibrosis, obesity and diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, and cancer – particularly cancers that are difficult to treat. Read more about these research areas and our Principal Investigators – senior scientists and clinicians – and the work of their research groups that are dedicated to improving children’s health.

Learn more about the real and lasting impact that our research is having on the lives of children.