Tom Flanagan

Tom Flanagan

Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Human Anatomy, UCD

Dr. Tom Flanagan is a graduate of Anatomy from NUI, Galway (2000) and was awarded a Ph.D. (Anatomy) in 2005 for his research on heart valve tissue engineering. He subsequently took up a post-doctoral position at the Helmholtz Institute for Biomedical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University in Germany, where he played a leading role in separate studies developing ‘living’ tissue-engineered heart valve prostheses and vascular grafts for surgical implantation. Tom subsequently joined the UCD School of Medicine in 2008 as Lecturer in Human Anatomy and established the Tissue Engineering Research Group at the School. The research interests of the group centre on the development of next-generation implants by combining nanotechnology and tissue engineering methods, with a continued focus on producing living, cardiovascular devices for the treatment of both paediatric and adult populations.

Tom Flanagan

Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Human Anatomy, UCD

Owen Humphreys
Position: PhD student

Owen has an ME in Biomedical Engineering from UCD, and his IRC-funded PhD focuses on the development of a tissue-engineered urethral model as a test system for urinary catheters.

Dr. Michael Murray
Position: MSc student

Michael is a graduate of Medicine (NUI, Galway) and is developing a prototype stented heart valve prosthesis in his MSc research project.

Ana le Chevillier
Position: PhD student

Ana has recently completed her BSc in Physiology (UCD) and commences her PhD on stented heart valve tissue engineering in September 2018.

Dr Douglas Marques
Position: Postdoctoral research fellow

Douglas is a Plastics Engineer with an M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Engineering, Science & Technology of Materials (UFRGS - Brazil). Working with biomedical polymers since 2008, he is currently developing tissue-engineered heart valves aimed at paediatric applications.

MIDAS-TECH – Minimally-invasive devices using advanced scaffold technology for correction of congenital heart valve defects

Current heart valve replacement options for children are limited by their inability to grow and remodel with the growing child, requiring multiple risky open heart surgeries to implant larger valves as their heart outgrows the device. Tom and his team (including co-principal investigators - Dr. Damien Kenny (paediatric cardiologist, OLCHC Crumlin) and Prof. Massimo Caputo (paediatric cardiac surgeon, University of Bristol) are targeting an unmet clinical need for a biodegradable, off-the-shelf stented valve for ‘keyhole’ implantation in children that promotes tissue healing, reduces the risks involved with open heart surgery and grows with the child as their surrounding heart grows.

Autologous, elastogenic tissue-engineered vascular conduits for repair of congenital heart defects

About 1% of children born in Ireland are diagnosed with a structural defect of the heart. Children born with a single pumping chamber, for example, are considered a mortality risk. The surgical treatment for these defects often requires the implantation of a vascular graft to re-direct blood flow. However, currently available grafts can be associated with complications such as blood clotting, while infants may require further surgery to implant larger grafts as they grow. The current project has resulted in the successful development of customised paediatric tissue-engineered vascular grafts with potential for growth using cell-seeded electrospun polymer materials.

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Funding Agency:National Children’s Research Centre
Project Title:MIDAS-TECH – Minimally-invasive devices using advanced scaffold technology for correction of congenital heart valve defects
Start Date/End Date:2018-2021
Funding Agency:National Children’s Research Centre
Project Title:Autologous, elastogenic tissue-engineered vascular conduits for repair of congenital heart defects
Start Date/End Date:2012-2016
Name:Dr. Damien Kenny
DepartmentPaediatric Cardiology
Institution:National Children's Research Centre & Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin
Name:Prof. Massimo Caputo
Position:Professor of Congenital Heart Surgery
Institution:University of Bristol
Name:Prof. Stefan Jockenhoevel
DepartmentApplied Medical Engineering
Institution:RWTH Aachen University
Name:Dr. Eoin O’Cearbhaill
DepartmentSchool of Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Institution:University College Dublin
Name:Prof. James Jones
DepartmentSchool of Medicine (Anatomy)
Institution:University College Dublin
Name:Alex Black
DepartmentSchool of Medicine (Anatomy)
Institution:National University of Ireland, Galway