Kevin Walsh

Kevin Walsh

Consultant in Paediatric Cardiology

Professor Kevin Walsh is a Cardiology Consultant specializing in congenital heart disease, both adult and paediatric. He is Clinical lead for the National Adult Congenital Heart Service at the Mater Misericordia University Hospital, Dublin. His major interest is in interventional cardiology for both congenital and structural heart disease. He has special interest in device occlusion of septal defects with pioneering work on many of the current devices in clinical use today. He performed the First In Man implantation of Amplatzer Cardiac Plug for atrial fibrillation at the Beacon Hospital in 2008, the first licensed Melody pulmonic valve implantation in Europe in 2006 and first percutaneous reversed Potts shunt for Pulmonary hypertension in the British Isles in 2018.

Kevin Walsh

Consultant in Paediatric Cardiology

Shiva Narang
Position: Clinical Research Coordinator, Children’s Clinical Research Unit

Shiva provides support to the Cardiology department by coordinating clinical studies.

Dr. Khalid Saif Sarhan AL-Alawi
Position: Cardiology Registrar


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Current Trials & Studies

Study NameStudy TitleStudy TypeSponsorSponsor Type
Venus P-Valve(TM)Implantation of the Venus P-Valve(TM) in the Pulmonic Position in Patients with Native Outflow TractsMedical Device InvestigationVenus MedTechIndustry Sponsored
Lifetech CeraFlex™ Post-Market Surveillance StudyPost-market, prospective, multi-center, non-interventional clinical study to collect data regarding procedural success, clinical performance and cost-effectiveness of the Lifetech CeraFlex™ occluders in patients with secundum ASD, PFO and PDANon-Interventional StudyLifetech Scientific (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., MedtronicIndustry Sponsored
TPV OutcomesRetrospective evaluation of factors influencing outcomes in transcatheter pulmonary valve outcomesNon-Interventional StudySt. Louis Children's HospitalAcademic - Collaborative Group
Lambre™ Post Marketing SurveillanceLambre™ Post Marketing Surveillance StudyNon-Interventional StudyLifetech Scientific (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., MedtronicIndustry Sponsored

Previous Trials & Studies

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TPVR RegistryEndocarditis After Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve Replacement: A Multicenter RegistryRegistryStanford UniversityAcademic - Collaborative Group