Jaythoon Hassan

Jaythoon Hassan

Senior Clinical Scientist

Jaythoon is a Senior Clinical Scientist in the National Virus Reference Laboratory (NVRL) which is located in UCD. She obtained a PhD in Immunology from Trinity College Dublin and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists. Jaythoon previously held Research Fellowship posts in The Dept. of Immunology, St. James’s Hospital and The Children’s Research Centre at Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children, Crumlin where her research centred on neonatal immunity. Since joining the NVRL in 2005, Jaythoon’s scientific interests have focused on host-pathogen interactions with particular emphasis on the research- diagnostic interface of immunity to viral infections.

Current active areas of research include an understanding of immunity due to  vaccine or natural exposure for eg. immunity to mumps as mumps outbreaks continue to occur in highly vaccinated populations; monitoring of  immune responses to EBV and CMV in the immunosuppressed host employing paediatric kidney transplant recipients and adult liver transplant recipients as models; biomarkers for detection of recency in HIV infection. Jaythoon aims to translate these findings towards development and innovation of diagnostic assays to improve laboratory based algorithms. She works in close collaboration with colleagues in the HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre; the Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street; St. Vincent’s University Hospital and Trinity College Dublin to facilitate these studies.

Jaythoon Hassan

Senior Clinical Scientist

Anna Connell
Position: Postdoctoral Researcher

The research project I’m undertaking aims to investigate the antibody response and novel immune signatures to mumps using clinical samples from a number of well-characterised cohorts.

Staging of HIV infections utilising commonly used HIV serological assays

It is critical that we are able to measure and monitor HIV incidence to understand transmission patterns, to provide a rational basis for targeting prevention efforts, to evaluate interventions to reduce transmissions and to predict the burden of HIV infection in different demographic and risk populations.

Use of host-protein immune response assays to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections.

Bacterial and viral infections are often clinically indistinguishable, leading to inappropriate antibiotic misuse and patient management. A recent study identified circulating host immune response proteins that can discriminate viral from bacterial infection. This approach has the potential to utilise the host’s immune response to infection rather than direct pathogen detection.

Investigation of Biomarkers which Predict the Risk of Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Disease in Liver Transplant Recipients.

Immunosuppressive therapies significantly reduce the risk of graft rejection in organ transplantation but increase the susceptibility of recipients to infections. Infections with viral pathogens, in particular CMV, occur frequently and increase the recipient's risk of graft failure. This study aims to evaluate the risk factors for progression to CMV disease occurring in these patients.

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