Brona Murphy

Brona Murphy

Lecturer and Principal Investigator

Dr Brona Murphy is a lecturer in the Department of Physiology & Medical Physics and principal investigator within the Centre for Systems Medicine in the same department. She received her B.Sc. in Biotechnology from NUI, Galway in 2000. She then studied in Trinity College Dublin under the supervision of Prof Seamus Martin and received her PhD in 2004. Her thesis research examined apoptosis-associated caspase activation events.  Upon moving to the RCSI, she was awarded a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship from the Health Research Board to study the regulation of apoptotic pathways in the epileptic brain. Her research was conducted between laboratories in the RCSI and the Dow Neurobiology Lab, Legacy Research Centre, Portland, Oregon, USA. Upon her return to Ireland, Dr Murphy was awarded a Stokes Lectureship from Science Foundation Ireland and began working as an independent PI. The focus of Dr Murphy’s research is to gain a better understanding of how brain tumours resist cell death upon treatment. Her group examines cell death pathways at the molecular level, in both adult and paediatric brain tumours, with the overall aim of increasing the susceptibility of these tumours to death. Dr Murphy hopes that by elucidating and targeting cell death pathways in these tumours, current and future therapies will be more effective, and ultimately patient survival will improve. Her group’s research is funded by grants from the RCSI, HRB, SFI, H2020 Framework Programme and the NCRC.

Brona Murphy

Lecturer and Principal Investigator

Ms Claire Fitzgerald
Position: PhD student

Claire is a PhD student in our group. The overall aim of her project is to personalise treatment plans for children with MB.

Improving and personalising chemotherapy treatment options for paediatric brain tumour patients

The most common malignant childhood brain tumour is a medulloblastoma (MB). Whilst survival rates have improved, many children are left with a life-altering, long-term disability as a result of the tremendous treatment plan they undergo. This has a life-long, profound effect on them and their families. The treatment management of MB patients urgently requires reliable markers to predict an individual patient’s response to the current range of therapies available, or indeed to emerging targeted therapies. This need forms the basis for our research. Our project holds tremendous potential to develop clinically relevant tools that can identify which of the currently approved and newer targeted treatment options are most effective for a particular patient. This would be an excellent step-forward for patients as it will spare them toxic treatments that hold no overall benefit to them.

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Funding Agency:National Children’s Research Centre
Project Title:Improving and personalising chemotherapy treatment options for paediatric brain tumour patients
Start Date/End Date:01/2018-12/2020
Total Awarded:€252,000
Funding Agency:Horizon 2020 Framework Programme
Project Title:Validation of the APOPTO-CELL modelling environment as a superior predictor of treatment responsiveness in GBM patients
Start Date/End Date:01/2018-12/2020
Total Awarded:€242,000
Funding Agency:Health Research Board
Project Title:Enhancing the efficacy of treatment for GBM through the combination therapy of R-roscovitine with TRAIL
Start Date/End Date:09/2013-09/2017
Total Awarded:€307,000
Funding Agency:Health Research Board
Project Title:Role of Bok in neuronal loss
Start Date/End Date:06/2009-05/2012
Total Awarded:€309,000
Funding Agency:RCSI Research Committee
Project Title:The role of the BH3-only protein, Bim in malignant brain tumours
Start Date/End Date:10/2008-08/2012
Total Awarded:€102,000
Funding Agency:Science Foundation Ireland
Project Title:Stokes Lectureship in Molecular Neuroscience
Start Date/End Date:04/2008-03/2013
Total Awarded:€450,000
Funding Agency:Health Research Board
Project Title:Investigation of death receptor signalling in neuronal death
Start Date/End Date:10/2005-09/2008
Total Awarded:€226,000
Name:Mr Darach Crimmins
Institution:Temple Street Children’s University Hospital
Name:Mr John Caird
Institution:Temple Street Children’s University Hospital
Name:Dr Philip O’Halloran
Institution:Beaumont Hospital
Name:Dr Eric Chevet
DepartmentChemistry, Oncogenesis, Stress, Signalling (COSS)
Institution:Rennes University

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