Andrew Hogan

Andrew Hogan

Principal Investigator

Dr Andrew Hogan is a lecturer in Immunology at Maynooth University & Principal Investigator of the Childhood Obesity Immunology Research Group based in the NCRC and Maynooth University. Previously he was a UCD Newman Scholar in Obesity and Diabetes and NCRC Research Fellow. In 2012, Dr Hogan, along with Prof O’Shea & Prof Declan Cody, established the Childhood Obesity Consortium with the support of the NCRC. The goal of the consortium is to investigate the impact of childhood obesity on the immune system, and to investigate the potential of early intervention in halting the progression to co-morbid disease.

Andrew Hogan

Principal Investigator

Dr Laura Tobin
Position: Group Coordinator

Laura is a senior coordinator with the research group, overseeing the management of the team.

Ms Nicole Wood
Position: Research Scientist

Nicole is a research scientist with the group based in the NCRC labs.

Ms Aisling O’Brien
Position: PhD candidate

Aisling is a 3rd year PhD candidate with the group. Her project investigates MAIT cell metabolism in obesity

Dr Arimin Mat
Position: Endocrine SpR and PhD candidate

Mat is an Endocrine SpR and 3rd year PhD candidate with the group. His project investigates myeloid driven inflammation in T2DM

Dr Karen Whelan
Position: Child Psychiatrist & PhD candidate

Karen is a Child Psychiatrist & PhD candidate, co-supervised with Prof Louise Gallagher & Dr Jane McGrath.

Ms Marta Pisarska
Position: PhD candidate

Marta is a PhD candidate with the group. Her project investigates the impact of childhood obesity on innate immune cell function and metabolism, and their modulation by Metformin and Glucagon like peptide-1

Investigating the impact of childhood obesity on innate immune cell function and metabolism, and their modulation by Metformin and Glucagon like peptide-1

Currently there is no protocol for the targeting inflammation in childhood obesity, allowing the development of co-morbid diseases to go unchecked into adulthood. We aim to investigate the impact of the anti-diabetic agent metformin (in vivo) and the weight loss and immunomodulatory agent Glucagon Like Peptide-1 (in vitro) on obesity driven inflammation in children. This will generate an expanded evidence base for potential therapeutic use in childhood obesity.

Inflammatory markers of antipsychotic weight gain and cardiometabolic dysfunction in youth mental health disorders

Second generation antipsychotics (SGAs) are widely used to manage symptoms of psychosis and irritability in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Previously considered to have lower side-effects, the safety of SGAs is under review due to associated cardiometabolic dysregulation in some patients. We hypothesize that there is a subgroup of children and adolescents with ASD and early onset psychosis (EOP) who have pro-inflammatory immune profiles prior to starting SGA medication. Secondly, we hypothesise that this subgroup is at increased risk of developing the cardiometabolic

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Funding Agency:National Children's Research Centre
Project Title:Investigating the impact of childhood obesity on innate immune cell function and metabolism, and their modulation by Metformin and Glucagon like peptide-1
Start Date/End Date:March 2017/February 2020
Funding Agency:NCRC
Project Title:Project Title: Inflammatory markers of antipsychotic weight gain and cardiometabolic dysfunction in youth mental health disorder
Start Date/End Date:Jan 2018/Jan 2021
Name:Professor Donal O’Shea
DepartmentEndocrinology & Obesity Immunology
Institution:St Vincent’s HealthCare Group
Name: Professor Declan Cody
DepartmentDept. of Endocrinology
Institution:Our Ladies Children’s Hospital Crumlin
Name:Dr Helen Heneghan
Institution:St Vincent’s HealthCare Group
Name:Professor Paul Moynagh
DepartmentInstitute of Immunology
Institution:Maynooth University
Name:Professor Lydia Lynch
DepartmentBiochemistry & Immunology
Institution:Trinity College Dublin
Name:Professor David Finlay
DepartmentBiochemistry & Immunology
Institution:Trinity College Dublin
Name:Professor Louise Gallagher
Institution:Trinity College Dublin