• NCRC Statement on COVID-19

    A National Framework for Restrictive Measures has now been developed to help us manage the risk of COVID 19 in Ireland. This Framework details a risk management strategy for the next 6-9 months and provides recommendations for everyday life from social gatherings to behaviour in the workplace. It sets out guidelines across 5 levels of COVID 19 risk, with level 1 being the lowest. It is designed to allow individuals, businesses and services better understand, anticipate and prepare for the measures Government might introduce to stop escalation of the transmission of the disease.

    Focusing on guidance for the workplace, the NCRC has developed the following plan for Levels 1-5 which is specific to those using the NCRC building and facilities. As a Dublin based organisation, we will follow government recommendations for this county, and as the recommended level for Dublin changes, so too will those for the NCRC.

    This plan has been designed with the health and safety of NCRC staff, facility users, and patients, where NCRC staff are providing support to clinical PIs. The situation will be regularly monitored and as recommendations for Dublin change, updated notices will follow.

    The NCRC is currently operating at Level 5

    National Framework Level 1 to 5 Access to NCRC

    *All building access is pending submission of a return to work form, completion of H&S training, line manager/Principal Investigator approval and final authorisation from NCRC Senior Management. The NCRC has the right to refuse or revoke access to those found not adhering to policy and procedure

    ** Where prior approval is required, please contact Once approval is granted, notification must be given to for all building users. Lab users must also contact All other queries relating to building access should be directed to the Research & Operations Manager