• NCRC Statement on COVID-19

    The NCRC prioritises the health and safety of its staff, all facility users, and patients, where NCRC staff are providing support to clinical PIs.

    As a further response to the evolving COVID 19 situation, the NCRC is now extending the working from home protocol for the maximum number of people, with the offices closed where possible, and the lab closed for research, until further notice. The situation will be regularly monitored and updated notices will follow.

    We are also cognisant of the huge efforts of HSE and other frontline staff in combating the COVID 19 outbreak. To support these efforts, the NCRC has offered its relevant laboratory equipment to CHI and NVRL as they scale up the testing for the virus, we have made our meeting room available to CHI for staff meetings and have provided access to our car park for frontline staff. Our foremost thoughts are with those affected by this virus and the dedicated people involved in their diagnosis and care.