The MRCG/HRB Joint Funding Scheme

Opening Date: 19th October 2017
Closing Date: 23rd November 2017

Level of funding: Up to €300,000
Duration of Funding: Up to 3 years
Focus of the call: Cardiology; Vascular Biology; Immunity & Infection; Childhood cancer


The Medical Research Charities Group (MRCG) supports charities in Ireland to increase both the quality and quantity of healthcare research. Since 2006, the MRCG has collaborated with the Health Research Board Ireland (HRB) in co-funding of research projects of particular strategic relevance to the medical research charities.

The MRCG/HRB Joint Funding Scheme 2018 is now open. The deadline for submission of applications via the NCRC is 5pm Thursday 23rd November 2017. Applications must be submitted by email to

Please note that there will be a pre-selection process, and that the NCRC will submit a maximum of 2 – 3 projects to the MRCG/HRB for consideration. In addition, only one application per PI will be accepted. If you wish to apply to the MRCG/HRB Joint Funding Scheme 2018 through the NCRC, please provide the following information by email to by Thursday 26th October:

Name of Lead PI 
Name of Lead Higher Education Institution 
Name of associated hospital(s) 
Area of the proposed research 
Keywords (no more than 6) which describe the proposed research 

 Please note that this information is for planning purposes only and will have no bearing on the selection process.

Application Requirements

A key aim of this call is to consolidate and grow high quality research in the following priority areas within the current NCRC strategy:

  • Cardiology
  •  Vascular Biology
  •  Immunity & Infection
  •  Childhood Cancer

The mission of the NCRC is to support internationally competitive, high quality research that has a real and lasting impact on child health. Further to this, applications to this scheme should:

  • be either translational or clinic-based, and have the potential for real impact on child health;
  • show meaningful clinical links through Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, or other partner children’s hospitals.

Applications where at least one scientist affiliated with an Irish Higher Education Institution, and one paediatric clinician, nurse or allied health professional affiliated with an Irish Public Hospital, is involved in the design and conduct of the research will be at an advantage.

Proposals for research projects that take place, either wholly or substantively, in the NCRC labs, will be also be at an advantage.

Please note that, on this occasion, psychology/psychosocial research projects will not be supported by the NCRC through the MRCG/HRB Joint Funding Scheme.

Finally, please note that the eligibility criteria for this scheme have been set by the MRCG/HRB and that further information can be found in the Instructions to Applicants below.

Key Dates

Deadline for Submission23rd November 2017
Right to Reply PhaseFebruary 2018
Applicant NotificationJuly 2018
Research Project Start DateSeptember 2018

Application Procedure

All applications must be submitted by email to Please note the following:

  • the application form (MRCG/HRB Part B1 Application Form below) must be submitted as a single file in Word Format;
  •  a Gantt Chart may be submitted as a single word or pdf file;
  •  figures supporting the proposal may be submitted as a single word or pdf file;
  •  where applicable, the additional forms attached must be submitted as separate pdf files;
  •  signature pages must be submitted as a single collated pdf file.

Please note that electronic signatures will not be accepted. In addition, and in contrast to our usual application procedure, it should be noted that applicants will need a representative from their university/higher education institution (e.g. the Dean of Research or equivalent) to endorse their application prior to submission (Form D2 below).

Applications that are incomplete, or incorrectly completed will not be considered.

For further information on the MRCG/HRB Joint Funding Call 2018, please see the documentation below. We would strongly recommend that you read the Instructions to Applicants as it provides detailed information designed to help you complete the application.

Statistical Support

Applicants may apply to the NCRC for limited statistical/design support prior to submission; please contact the NCRC ( if this is required. Please note that statistical support must be sought as soon as possible, as it may not be possible to accommodate requests for support closer to the deadline.


Dr Alice Coughlan
Research Grant Manager
National Children’s Research Centre



MRCG/HRB Instructions to Applicants 2018 (.docx)

MRCG/HRB Part C1 Collaboration Agreement (.docx)

MRCG/HRB Part C2 Infrastructure Agreement (.docx)

MRCG/HRB Part C3 Warrant for International Host Institutions (.docx)

MRCG/HRB Part D1 PI Signature Page (.docx)

Part D2 PI Host Institution Signature Page (.docx)