Clinical Research Fellowship 2019

Call Summary

Opening Date: 25th January 2018

Cycle 1 Closing Date: Wednesday 7th March 2018
Cycle 1 Fellowship Start Date: January 2019

Cycle 2 Closing Date: Wednesday 16th May 2018
Cycle 2 Fellowship Start Date: July 2019

Aim of the call: To support clinically qualified PhD, MD and MSc candidates to pursue research, full- or part-time, in the field of Paediatric medicine

Who can apply: Paediatric clinicians, nurses, and allied health professional


The aim of the Clinical Research Fellowship is to support suitably qualified PhD, MD and MSc candidates to pursue research, full- or part-time, in the field of paediatric medicine. By supporting excellent new investigators, the NCRC aims to develop, consolidate and sustain high quality clinical research in key areas of child health.

The Clinical Research Fellowship is aimed at medical doctors, nurses and allied health professionals working in paediatrics. It is designed to offer a range of options to encourage research across a spectrum of clinical activities. These awards aim to inculcate and foster research as part of clinical practice, and to ensure that research is directly relevant to the sick child.

The future development of high quality paediatric research, both at the NCRC and nationally, is at the heart of this call. In this funding round, the successful applications will

  • be in an area of importance to child health;
  • demonstrate how meaningful impact will result from the proposed project;
  • have the potential to strengthen and grow the identified areas by current or future collaboration, engage with other funding agencies, and build partnerships.

A central part of this call is to provide investigators that are relatively new to research with an opportunity gain a thorough education in research methodologies. Therefore, support from an Academic and Clinical Supervisor will be essential. Note that if suitably qualified, a single supervisor may act in both an academic and clinical supervisory capacity.

Focus of the Call

The focus of this call is on the following areas within the NCRC current strategy:

Priority areas

  • Cardiology
  • Childhood cancer
  • Immunity and Infection, including, but not limited to
    • Allergy & Eczema
    • Chronic inflammatory diseases
    • Cystic Fibrosis
    • Gastroenterology
    • Infectious diseases
    • Obesity and Diabetes
    • Rheumatology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Vascular Biology

An additional area for support is for this round of funding is

  • Impact on the practice of paediatric health care

Applications may be drawn from outside of these areas, but applicants must provide evidence that the thematic research area proposed will be sustainable beyond this application and has potential to develop into a research theme going into the future.

Funding Streams

Four funding streams are available within this Fellowship.

Funding StreamTime CommitmentIncludes Cost of Consumables

Applicants may apply to do either a PhD, MD or MSc by Research under any of the streams. Applicants may apply to only one stream.

Who can apply?

This funding call is open to medical doctors, nurses or allied health professionals wishing to engage in translational paediatric research.

To be eligible applicants must:

  • be registered in Ireland as a medical doctor, nurse or allied health professional;
  • have a strong background in paediatrics, or be undertaking Higher Specialist Training in Paediatrics;
  • have the support of their hospital consultant or manager, as appropriate, to undertake the proposed project;
  • have proof that they will receive suitable academic and clinical supervision for the duration of the proposed project.

Key Dates

The 2019 Clinical Research Fellowship Scheme will have two deadlines. The first deadline is for applicants that wish to commence their research in January 2019, while the second is for applicants that wish commence their research in July 2019. Please note that applicants cannot apply for both Cycles of the Clinical Research Fellowship 2019. The key dates will be as follows:

Call opens24th January 2018
Cycle 1 Call closes17.00 (Irish time) 7th March 2018
Cycle 1 Fellowship Start DateJanuary 2018
Cycle 2 Call closes17.00 (Irish time) 16th May 2018
Cycle 2 Fellowship Start DateJuly 2018

Please note that applicant interviews for Cycle 1 are expected to take place in Q2 2018, while applicant interviews for Cycle 2 are expected to take place in Q4 2018.


Dr Alice Coughlan
Research Grants Manager
National Children’s Research Centre



Clinical Research Fellowship 2019 Applicant Guidelines (.pdf)

Clinical Research Fellowship 2019 Application Form (.docx)