Funding Streams

A number of grant types, aimed at addressing key needs of the paediatric research community, have been developed. The Clinical Research Fellowship specifically addresses research capacity building within the clinical professions: doctors, nurses and allied health professionals working in paediatrics are eligible for these. The Paediatric Research Project Grant is aimed at senior scientists and clinicians building a team to conduct an in-depth project into prioritised research areas of importance to child health. Building strength and depth in the expertise in selected areas of importance to child health is a key strategy of NCRC. Support for clinical trials and studies is provided through the Children’s Clinical Research Unit.

The NCRC additionally provides Innovation Awards; these are essentially ‘start-up’ awards aimed at fostering a pipeline of new areas of research. They are designed to enable new researchers, or new groups, to conduct the proof-of-concept, or pilot study that will position them to apply for more substantive funding.

Finally, the NCRC also offers Research Education Support Grants to encourage and support doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to up-skill in the area of paediatric research at work.