Food Allergy is an increasingly common condition that now affects about 4% of Irish children.

Some food allergies do not resolve with age and so many people are inflicted with a life time risk of severe, life threatening, allergic reactions or “anaphylaxis”.

Food allergy restricts every aspect of the lives of children and adolescents. They experience isolation due to fear of reactions in social environments.

They experience increased levels of anxiety and depression. Most children with food allergy are required to carry emergency adrenaline with them at all times which becomes difficult to comply with as they get older.

Stop Allergy

The Allergy Department at Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin, was established as recently as 2014. The 3 most common food allergies that we diagnose are to egg, dairy and peanut.

At present we are involved in multicentre trials aimed at developing ways of increasing people’s tolerance level to peanut. This is known as desensitisation. Desensitisation is achieved by exposing the body’s immune system regularly to small amounts of peanut protein. The protein can be administered in a variety of ways; by mouth (oral), under the tongue (sublingual) and through the skin (epicutaneous).

The goal of these studies is to develop safe and effective ways to perform desensitisation.

Current Trials & Studies

Study NameStudy TitleStudy TypeSponsorSponsor Type
Milk 1-Shot StudySingle dose food challenges in diagnosis and management of cow’s milk allergy in infantsNon-Interventional Clinical TrialUCC, NCRCAcademic - Investigator Led
PeopleOpen-label Follow-up Study of the Pepites Study to evaluate the Long-Term Efficacy and Safety of Viaskin® PeanutClinical TrialDBV Technologies S.A.Industry Sponsored
ARC008A Multicenter, Open-Label, Long-Term Safety Study of AR101 Characterised Oral Desensitization Immunotherapy In Subjects who Participated in a prior AR101 StudyClinical TrialAimmuneIndustry Sponsored

Past Trials & Studies

Study NameStudy TitleStudy TypeSponsorSponsor Type
PEPITESA double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized Phase III Pivotal Trial to assess the efficacy and safety of peanut epicutaneous immunotherapy with Viaskin® peanut in peanut-allergic childrenClinical TrialDBV Technologies S.A.Industry Sponsored
ARTEMISAR101 Trial in Europe Measuring Oral Immunotherapy Success in Peanut Allergic ChildrenClinical TrialAimmuneIndustry Sponsored