Having a laboratory on the grounds of CHI at Crumlin has been a key enabler of research within the hospital, and its partner universities, for over 50 years. The location, in close proximity to the largest children’s hospital in the country, is vital, as it allows paediatric scientists, doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals to have access to the very best scientific equipment, and to carry out new and exciting break through research. This research can lead the way to new therapies and medicines that will change children’s lives for the better. The NCRC also partners with other hospitals, and higher education institutions, all around Ireland, including the CHI at Temple Street, the National Maternity Hospital (NMH), Holles Street, the Rotunda Hospital, TCD, UCD, and RCSI, to ensure that all paediatric scientists, doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals can come together to produce the finest paediatric research possible.

LSM 700 Confocal Microscope

Our large laboratories are equipped with the very best scientific equipment which all lab users can avail of. This communal equipment includes lab basics such as centrifuges, shakers, rollers, water baths, incubators, microscopes and ovens. The lab also has a microscopy suite housing a LSM 700 confocal microscope, a fluorescent/light microscope, and a laser capture microscope. The FACS (fluorescence-activated cell sorting) area houses two machines, including a BD LSRFortessa. There are two tissue culture suites, a separate microbiology suite, and a histology area which houses microtomes, embedders, a tissue processor, and a cryostat. The molecular biology suite contains thermocyclers, and there are two real time PCR systems to choose from. Our walk in cold room provides ample storage at four degrees, and our freezer room currently holds five -80 freezers, all of which are temperature monitored continuously to ensure every precious sample is preserved.

BD LSRFortessa Cell Analyser

The best children’s hospitals in the world all have research laboratories on site, and CHI at Crumlin is no different. The NCRC facilities are open to all scientists, doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals who wish to conduct all, or part of, their research project in the lab (Terms & Conditions apply). This is to ensure that there are no barriers to conducting the highest level of research for children.

ÄKTA Protein Purification System