Research Infrastructure

The NCRC is a key national enabler of paediatric research. For research to be transformative, it must span the full spectrum from the child’s bedside, where challenging medical questions remain unanswered, to the laboratory bench, where we begin to look for answers at the organ, cell and molecular level. The NCRC provides the following enabling infrastructures to allow the vital link from bedside-to-bench-to bedside research to occur:

  • A state of the art laboratory on the grounds of CHI at Crumlin;
  • Biosample storage facilities in which invaluable biological samples from sick children are stored at ultra-low temperatures for future scientific analysis;
  • A Children’s Clinical Research Unit (CCRU) which allows clinicians working with sick children to conduct very high quality clinical research with these children at its core;
  • Competitive research grants which provide vital financial support to paediatric researchers.