Innovation Award

Funding Type:Seed Funding
Level of funding:Up to €50,000
Duration of Funding:Up to 1 year
Who can apply:Scientists, clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals

The Innovation Award is designed to foster new ideas, build new partnerships, and support novel research. The aim of this award is to contribute to a pipeline of projects with the potential to generate more substantial funding, either from the NCRC or external funding agencies. Further to this, applications to the Innovation Award will be expected to demonstrate that the proposed research represents a new project or collaboration that has the potential to lead to a more extensive grant application in the future.

In this funding call, applications for the following will be accepted:

  • Feasibility studies;
  • Proof of concept studies;
  • Pilot studies;
  • New initiatives requiring start-up funding;
  • Studies involving new partnerships/collaborations.

Applications are not currently being accepted for the Innovation Award.

The next round of the Innovation Award will be announced via our website and Twitter.

If you have any queries about the Innovation Award, please contact us on