Working collaboratively as part of organised networks is the best means by which we can optimise research efforts within and outside of Ireland. Recognising this and our responsibility to maximise our reach, we are actively connected to the following research networks:

Irish Paediatric Clinical Research Network (IPCRN)

A national paediatric clinical research network of Irish Paediatric Centres and Paediatricians has recently been reinitiated and aims to build a strong network to enhance collaboration amongst the paediatric research community in Ireland and to develop our national capacity for high-quality, ethical paediatric clinical research.

PedCRIN The Paediatric Clinical Research Infrastructure Network

Towards better medicines for children through infrastructure development

PedCRIN is a four-year project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, launched on 1 January 2017.

It brings together the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN) and the founding partners of the European Paediatric Clinical Trial Research Infrastructure (EPCT-RI) to develop capacity for the management of multinational paediatric clinical trials.

PedCRIN’s aims are to bridge paediatricians and other partners across Europe (and internationally) to combine resources and expertise to conduct and manage robust studies, while minimising risk and protecting the child participants.

EPCT-RI European Paediatric Clinical Trials Research Infrastructure

In 2015, led by Mark Turner, the EPCT-RI consortium was formed from a group of European national paediatric research networks.

Many of the challenges in paediatric research stem from a lack of infrastructure, at site and national level and EPCT-RI’s aims were to address this deficit. The NCRC joined EPCT-RI on behalf of IPCRN and were contributors to the successful PedCRIN funding application.


European Network of Paediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency

EnprEMA is a paediatric specific research network set-up by the European Medicines Agency in accordance with the terms of the Paediatric Regulation 2006. It is an umbrella network of research networks and centres with expertise in performing clinical trials in the paediatric population. The membership includes:

  • National Research Networks and Clinical Trial Centres
  • Disease specific networks
  • Patient Advocacy groups
  • Pharma Industry representatives
  • Regulators – the European Medicines Agency

EnprEMA’s remit is to facilitate studies in order to increase availability of medicinal products authorised for use in the paediatric population, and it works by allowing networking and collaboration with members from within and outside the European Union (EU), including academia and the pharmaceutical industry.

The NCRC joined EnprEMA on behalf of IPCRN in 2011.


Irish Network for Clinical Trials in Kids with Cystic Fibrosis

In 2016, Prof. Paul McNally and his team established a national clinical research network connecting all paediatric Cystic Fibrosis sites and specialists in Ireland. The organised network of centres offers advantages for sites, parents and study sponsors and gets us one step closer to ensuring that every child in Ireland with CF can be involved in clinical research studies from birth, and potentially have access to the most cutting edge new treatments before they are widely available. Hosted by the NCRC, CF:INK is also enabling the translation of important clinical and lab research discoveries seamlessly back to our patients.

For more information on CF:INK please click here.

HRB CRCI Clinical Research Coordination Ireland

National integrated clinical research network of Clinical Research Facilities and Centres in Ireland

Health Research Board Clinical Research Coordination Ireland (HRB CRCI) is an independent integrated national clinical research network, providing centralised support in the conduct of multicentre clinical trials, both commercial and academic across Ireland. Hosted by Clinical Research Development Ireland (CRDI), it is comprised of a Central Office and partner Clinical Research Facilities and Centres across Ireland, including the NCRC.

PPD Paediatric Investigator Network

In 2015, the NCRC launched a formal partnership with PPD, a leading global contract research organization, to establish a Paediatric Investigator Network (PIN).

With offices in 46 countries and more than 14,000 professionals worldwide, PPD provides clinical trial management services to the pharmaceutical and medical device industry on an outsourced contact basis.

The aims of the PIN partnership include:

  • establishing and developing mutually beneficial relationships with Sites and Investigators
  • enable early access to an increased volume of commercial clinical trials
  • reduce red-tape by streamlining processes and communication

The PIN is currently made up of over 60 Paediatricians from across Ireland, and is one of a global network of 12 partnerships to connect study sites with clinical study sponsors.