National Children's Research Centre

About Us

The National Children’s Research Centre (NCRC) – which is supported by donations from the Children’s Medical Research Foundation (CMRF) – sits at the heart of paediatric research in Ireland and is part of a global network of research tackling childhood diseases.

The NCRC has a long and distinguished history, since it was founded in 1965, when it became the first dedicated research centre on the site of an Irish hospital. In 2009, the remit of the centre was broadened to include all paediatric research groups in Ireland, and the original name Children’s Research Centre was changed to the NCRC to reflect this.

Today, the NCRC is home to some of the best paediatric scientists, and paediatric physician-scientists anywhere. These researchers are working in collaboration with colleagues in Ireland and around the world, as part of an international research effort aimed at the earlier diagnosis, and better treatment of serious diseases of childhood

NCRC funded researchers have – thanks to the funding received from private donations through the CMRF  – made important advances in understanding the scientific mechanisms underlying serious and chronic diseases of childhood such as Leukaemia, Cystic Fibrosis, Ulcerative Colitis, Asthma, Eczema, Cardiac Disease, and Diabetes.

The NCRC supports investigator-led research, where doctors taking care of sick children test out new ideas which can improve the care of these children. In this way, NCRC-funded research has produced better approaches to treating severe asthma attack and pain management in the Paediatric Emergency Room.

The NCRC also has an important role in training the next generation of research leaders in childhood disease. The MD/Clinical and PhD/MSc programmes, has enabled talented and passionate doctors to do research which is totally focused on improving how we tackle childhood disease.

The NCRC also supports research into paediatric diseases at a number of locations in Ireland. Our grant award schemes are open to all scientists and clinicians interested in researching the causes, treatment and prevention of childhood diseases.